Stepping Away from Self-Limiting Beliefs and into Your Potential

                                                 By Helen Godfrey, MA, NCC, BCC, LPC


Stepping Away from Self-Limiting Beliefs and into Your Potential.png


When it comes to crushing your self-limiting beliefs, it’s easy to read and think about it. Unfortunately, just doing those two things won’t help you let go of self-limiting beliefs. You have to be willing to take action consistently if you really want to live freely. Here’s how to get started:

Identify a self-limiting belief.

Choose one self-limiting belief that’s holding you back and that you’d like to change. Once you’ve picked a self-limiting belief, grab a sheet of paper and write down all of the bad things that will happen if you challenge your belief. For example, if you’re afraid to change jobs, write that down. Then write down all the bad things that will happen if you try to switch industries.  Maybe you that you won’t succeed on this new path or that or that no one will give you a chance and understand your transferable skills.

Challenge your fears.

Jia Jiang feared rejection, but one day, he decided that he was done. He wasn’t going to listen to his fear anymore. So he set out on a journey that he called 100 Days of Rejection. Each day, he would make a request that he was sure would be rejected. For example, he asked to borrow a hundred dollars from a stranger, dance with a waitress, and sit in a police car.

These activities might sound silly and they are. But they taught Jia how to overcome his fear of rejection. You can do the same thing and challenge your own fear. Go to a networking event and pitch your services. Reach out to some of your LinkedIn connections to see if they could use a freelancer’s services.

It’s important to do this because you’re re-training your mind about the consequences of your choices. Instead of thinking “rejection is the worst thing ever,” you’ll see that not only can you handle rejection, but that you actually have a lot to offer potential clients.

Enlist the support of a friend.

If you know someone else who is transitioning in their career, then it may be a good idea to team up together. Each month, you both pick a belief that you’d like to let go of. Have weekly check-in calls to talk about your progress and setbacks. As you journey together, you’ll learn how to tackle your beliefs and move forward in your careers in exciting, new ways.

Don’t think that you have to overcome all of your self-limiting beliefs in a day or two. It does take time to let go of beliefs you’ve held on to for so long. Be patient with yourself during the process and keep a positive attitude. You can do this.