5 Tips to Motivate Your Team and Improve Your Business Performance

Submitted by Zoe Talent Solutions


Contrary to belief, the greatest motivation of a team of employees is that which requires the least investment - it is just a matter of engagement and empathy.


Based on the need to value employees, both personally and professionally, several measures can be adopted by the HR sector and by members of management and board positions of companies that contribute to the creation of a more conducive work environment. employee motivation.


Does your team need a dose of motivation? Check out our tips for increasing employee efficiency and productivity through simple stimuli.


1. Create employee incentive compensation programs.


Think about it: The fact that the company is making a profit does not make any difference to the individual employee, so there is no motivation - as he ends up receiving the same fixed amount at the end of the month.


Thus, rewards are ways to make the employee recognized their effort in a given project, and have more motivation in the development of their activities. Incentive programs that provide employee benefits at times when the company is profiting, such as goal commissions achieved, for example, are ways to motivate and reward team members.


2. Make your employees understand their part in the whole.


Make sure your employees understand how their work helps the company achieve its goals.


It is important to share the vision of the company, allowing the team to understand what is behind their roles.

Employees who do not know what their work means to the company are not motivated to do it.


3. Create a functional, cheerful and welcoming work environment.


Workplaces that provide moments of decompression contribute to making your employees happier during office hours. Creating environments and situations where work becomes fun for the team is a great way to motivate them.


Some effective tips: Use more colors and frames on office walls, making the environment more cheerful.


Creating relaxation spaces where you can take breaks during work hours, have a coffee and even a snack occasionally offered by the company are also a great way to renew the energy of its employees.


Workspace functionality is also very important. The equipment and space required for the employee to carry out his activities must be by the needs and functioning efficiently.


Employees are required to work in a poor structure and equipment that generates problems tends to lose motivation in performing their activities, resulting in poor performance.


4. Listen to what your employees have to say and enjoy their motivations.


This is a very important and cost-free tip for the company. Both casual conversations and employee feedback processes are important for the company to have an understanding of this as an individual, discovering their motivations and opinions regarding their work.


What bothers you, your expectations, what kind of activity motivates you.


Showing interest in the employee as a human being is a great way to encourage them to do their jobs and to discover possible areas and projects where they would be most productive.


The feedback by employees is also important to identify tools and training that the team needs to do their job with confidence. Be aware of these questions!


5. Make compliments and celebrate your successes.


Compliments let employees know that their work is being realized, and their results recognized, which makes them proud.


Public praise and small attitudes such as offering office treats or having lunch are ways to celebrate team success and show appreciation for their members' efforts.


Employee motivation is closely linked to the company's concern to understand them as human beings, investing in quality of life, personal and professional success. For this, being aware of each of the collaborations is essential.


How to Measure Employee Performance


One of the most difficult tasks for managers is to keep the team working together and committed to the company's goals and success. Dealing with people is not easy, each employee has their characteristics and personality.


So how do you find a way to get respect from everyone and keep the team motivated and productive? It's simple: Justice!


One thing no one tolerates is injustice, and many collaborators find themselves wronged. You may have already encountered buzz like these:


“I work hard and I don't have recognition”

“So-and-so always arrives late and nobody says anything”

“So-and-so spends the day on Facebook and I am here killing myself”

These are just a few examples of what bad team management can bring about. The human mind works like this: "If he earns the same as me and does nothing, why should I do it?"


When your best talents start thinking this way, your productivity will go downhill! You cannot let things get to this point.


You must keep your team at a healthy level of competition by always pulling up. Your team should set examples, one collaborator should see each other's efforts and think, “So-and-so has worked hard and been recognized, I will strive to produce as much or more than him!”


And the only way you can play fair and transparent with your team is to have hard data to present. The Performance Evaluation is not a plus that large companies should have. It is a reality that ALL companies should be concerned about.


If you are a team manager, you should have all this data within a few clicks. You should have an up-to-date system with everything that happens on your team, and thus have full control over it.


How to reward the best employee and avoid losing him to a competitor for lack of recognition? How to plan improvement and development actions for your employees who can earn more?


How to know which skills each employee has the best, and develop and enhance those with disabilities?


The answer to all the questions is Performance Appraisal.


With Performance Appraisal you solve all these situations:

One employee was fired and sued his company: With Performance Appraisal, you will have up-to-date, up-to-date data (from employee entry to departure) and can justify why you were fired.


You will have notes of each delay, misconduct or lack of preparation to perform the required function, thus having a solid basis to defend yourself.


Prevent “A rotten apple from spoiling the fruit basket”: A disgruntled collaborator does a lot of damage to a team. Aside from poor performance itself, you can entice your colleagues to either go limp or sabotage the company for some reason.


With the performance appraisal, you will have subsidies to disprove any argument this employee has to infect the team. Show the rest of the team that his complaints are unfounded, based on hard data that he cannot deny.


Avoid Unnecessary Expenses With Misguided Training: It is very common in companies for entire teams to receive training. But is this correct? Wouldn't it be much more assertive for each employee to receive the training they need most to qualify or perform their job better?


And nowadays there are a number of human resources training courses were available online through that you can get more information about human resources and management.


With Performance Appraisal, you can filter out each competency in which your employee is better and worse, and thus establish the Individual Development Plan so that he or she best qualifies.